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Coach’s Video Library:

  • Basic positions (in water, above water)
  • Basic sculling (in water, above water)
  • Basic Transitions (in water, above water)
  • Figures: 11-12, 13-15, Juniors
  • Senior Technical Elements
  • Routines (coming soon): Creative development, Transitions, Entries, Pattern awareness, Propulsion
  • Drills/ Exercises,
  • Core training,
  • Extension/ Flexibility,
  • Activation/ Warm-ups
  • Mobility
  • Scapular Stabilization
  • Technical leadership
  • PSO-NSO Skills
  • E-Learning Coach development series – past workshops

Coach Resources:

  • Aqua Games for CANSwimSynchro and Competitive Programs
  • Creative Development Manual

Coming Soon:

  • Long-Term Athlete Development Framework – 2.0: From Participant to High Performance, by Synchro Canada
  • Technical Instruction Manuals