Tuesday Tips! Max Craven Ballet Training Videos Aug 4/20

This week takes a look at Ballet training videos designed for Artistic Swimmers by professional dancer Max Craven! To check out the new videos that have been posted login to your account, then click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Videos’ and scroll down to the page to the Ballet section. There you will find the following new videos:


  • Complete 6-session Program for 15+ yrs of age looking to improve their athletes balance, coordination, core strength, and speed; 
    • 3 x 30min Floor Barre sessions & 
    • 3 x 30min Ballet Barre.

Skill of the Week

You can find this week’s skill of the week under ‘Tools’ and then ‘Drill Library’. You will find the two feature skills of the week

  • Core Ballet Leg progression in water
  • Body Boost

*Thank you for joining us for Tuesday Tips! this summer. We will be taking a break but will be back in the Fall with new content and a new format! Join us tomorrow for our final Coffee with Coach session at 1pm EST. Details for the Zoom are available on Public News Page!