Tuesday Tips! Coaching Excellence Profile Jun 29/20

This week takes a look at the CAS Coaching Excellence Profile! To check out the new documents that have been posted login to your account, then click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Documents’ and scroll down to the page to the National Programs section. There you will find the following new documents:


  • CAS Coaching Excellence Profile
  • Coaching Excellence Profile Infographic

Skill of the Week

You can find this week’s skill of the week under ‘Tools’ and then ‘Drill Library’. You will find the two feature skills of the week

  • Lobster
  • Paddle Scull

*Next week's Tuesday Tips will be a follow-up from the June 24th Coffee with Coach session with Dr. Veronique Richard on Athlete Mental Preparation and another installment of  ‘Skill of the Week’! Keep your eye out next Tuesday for new Links and Documents!