Tuesday Tips! CAS Training Program: Athletes aged 12-15 May 12/20

This week takes a look at a training program for athletes aged 12-15 to complete during the COVID-19 stoppage, designed by Team Canada’s Head Coach Gabor Szauder! To check out the new training program document that have been posted login to your account, then click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Documents’ and scroll down to the page to the Physical Training. There you will find the following new documents:


  • CAS Training Program: Athletes aged 12-15
  • Training in a COVID-19 World
  • Insurance Reminders

Join us tomorrow (May 13th) for the Adobe Connect Session with Head Coach, Gabor Szauder @ 1pm. The link to connect is: . First come, first serve!

*Next week's Tuesday Tips will be a Flexibility Program designed by Team Canada’s Assistant Coach Kasia Kulesza and a special Adobe Connect session with Coach on Wednesday May 20th, @1pm EST in French and 2pm EST in English! Keep your eye out on for the link to connect on May 19th