Tuesday Tips! Nutrition May 5/20

This week takes a look at nutrition for the artistic swimmer. To check out the new Nutrition documents and links that have been posted login to your account, then click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Documents’ or 'Links', and scroll down to the page to the Nutrition header. There you will find the following new documents/links:


  • Sport Medicine Advisory Commitee: Nutrition Advisories
  • COPSIN Nutrition Information
  • CSI-Calgary: Recovery Nutrition
  • Nutrition Recommendations for Competition
  • Healthy Performance in Synchronized Swimming


  • Canada's Food Guide
  • NCCP: E-Learning Nutrition Module
  • Body Image: What we (want to) see and make of ourselves

Next week's Tuesday Tips will be a 4-Week Training Program for athletes aged 12-15 designed by Team Canada’s Head Coach Gabor Szauder and a special Adobe Connect session with Coach on Wednesday, May 13th at 1 p.m. so check back for more new documents and links!